If you are a life coach, business coach, or consultant, by embracing four basic concepts in your business: positioning, generosity, conversation, and follow-up, you can get more clients, increase your bottom line, and create an extraordinary and memorable business.

Step 1: Find out who your clients are. To do this, you'll need to have a clear assessment of what your expertise is and what you can bring, along with a short list of people you would like to work with. Start with a short list, because if you try to sell to everyone, you'll wind up selling to no one. Match your talents and expertise to the groups of people you can serve with what you know.

Step 2: Know the problems and challenges of the people you want to work with. To do that, you'll need to ask them. Go wherever they hang out and ask them about their challenges. Find out which problems they'd be willing to pay to solve.

Step 3: Create solutions that your future clients would be willing to pay for. These are usually solutions that no one else or very few people are providing. Then decide how you'd like to package your solutions. You can write books, teach classes, conduct seminars, coach, create audio or video recordings, conduct teleclasses, do the tasks for them, or any combination to help them solve whatever problems they have.

Step 4: If your solution isn't unique in itself, you'll need to take that solution and give it a unique "spin". In other words, if a lot of others offer similar solutions, then combine some unusual characteristics into your solution that no one else does, to avoid commoditizing yourself.

Step 5: Find out how to reach your potential client group, and market to them wherever they are. Use the voice and language of your clients. Always market in terms of their challenges and how you can help, not about you or your company.
Generosity and conversation

Step 6: In this day and age, make sure that you offer lots of assistance and dialogue in your marketing. Be generous. Give away bits of information freely. Ask them questions, provide forums for conversation, and never try to control the conversation. Customer reigns king, especially online, so listen, listen, listen. And answer. Always be courteous, even when someone else isn't.


Step 7: Find a way to provide follow-up with your clients, whether it's through email, an online group, or snail mail. In your follow-up, make sure that you make offers to them, but always provide excellent content, so that they will be motivated to open your correspondence with them. After all, no one wants to be pitched to death.

Step 8: Always look for new solutions you can provide for your clients. Find out what's missing and fill it in with something unique.

If you do these steps, you'll stand head and shoulders above the others in your field.

Never underestimate the power of unique positioning, generosity, conversation, and follow-up. If you embrace these four elements, you'll explode your bottom line, help more people, and create a memorable contribution to your field.
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